5 Reasons to Update your Arc Flash Incident Energy Analysis

In what ways are you keeping your employees safe from Arc Flash? Is your facility in compliance with current mandates from OSHA, NFPA and NEC? The first step towards a safe, reliable and compliant workplace is Arc Flash Analysis, or Incident Energy Analysis. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should stay on top of your game and have an analysis performed frequently.

  1. Knowledge is Power.
    • There are countless benefits in having an Arc Flash Study, or Incident Energy Analysis performed for your facility. The study will identify critical issues that affect the overall safety and reliability of the entire facility, from equipment maintainability to keeping personnel safe from hazards. The study identifies any dangerous locations throughout the system, taking into consideration Time, Energy and Distance. Protective Device Coordination will properly sequence tripping, and proper Arc Flash label information will be presented. Using the latest in advanced programming, from software such as ETAP, EasyPower, and SKM, Incident Energy Analyses consist of data collection, extensive calculations, updates to existing models and/or the development of new ones.Statistics have proven that as we have become more aware of hazards present, the number of injuries/fatalities have decreased. 2020 had the fewest number of electrical fatalities since 2003, and saw a 24% decrease from 2019 (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) Click here to download our latest Arc Flash FAQs Poster.
  2. Stay in Compliance and out of Trouble.
    • NFPA 70E mandates that an electrical system analysis be performed at least every five (5) years to account for expansions, equipment replacement or anything else that could affect the results of an arc flash hazard analysis. Important mandates to be aware of are the latest NFPA 70E codes and OSHA Standard 1910.269, Appendix E. Costs of fines related to Arc Flash incidents are estimated in the millions, and include hefty fines, along with healthcare, Workers Comp, equipment damage, increased insurance premiums and downtime. Speaking of downtime…
  3. Lower incident energy levels mean higher Reliability.
    • We all know that downtime = money lost. After an incident occurs, there may be extensive damage to equipment that is integral to facility operations, which will have to taken offline for repairs and/or replacement. Overall, unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers as much as $50 billion a year (Article from forbes.com).
  4. Most Importantly – Keep Your People Safe.
    • Most industrial facilities have on-site electricians, maintenance personnel, engineers, etc. that are required, from time to time, to perform operations on or around energized electrical equipment. Keeping personnel trained and aware of the hazards present can help prevent dangerous situations. The Arc Flash study results will contain valuable information about Arc Flash Boundary measurements, PPE, Risk Assessment, Working Distance and many more factors to consider when going about these types of tasks. Implementing ‘Safe Work Practices’ and safety equipment, such as Remote Racking devices can ensure your people a safe environment and a return home at the end of the day. Here are some staggering statistics about Arc Flash injuries and fatalities from NFPA.
  5. Peace of Mind
    • As we always state, Safety + Reliability = Peace of Mind. Rest easy when you have confidence in your Incident Energy Analysis, and a plan to move forward with correcting any deficiencies in the electrical system. inoLECT has designed a complete Arc Flash Solutions Program to help you sleep better at night. Our solutions combine customized studies and assessments, with innovative technologies that will ensure you a Safe and Reliable system. Remediation options are presented at the end of every Analysis report and take into consideration your specific circumstances, timeframe, risks to your equipment, and personnel safety – all with productivity in mind.

Let inoLECT “engineer your peace of mind’. Contact us about getting your Incident Energy Analysis started. Start here.

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