inoLECT’s custom-engineered Harmonic Filter Banks are custom designed for application on industrial, commercial, and transmission and distribution power systems that require medium voltage power factor correction, var and voltage support, and mitigation from harmonic resonance or harmonic distortion. The harmonic filter banks are configurable as fixed or automatic controlled with 1 or more stages at voltages from 2.4kV through 38kV. Our team implements a range of solutions, including Metal-Enclosed, Stacked-Rack and Pole-Mounted applications, as fixed or automatically-controlled, with 1 or more stages. We have successfully implemented these solutions across many different industries including wind, mining, paper, chemical, petroleum and transmission and distribution.

The filter banks are designed and customized to meet site and system requirements and can be configured to include some or all protection, control, switching, disconnecting and grounding functions. Harmonic filter banks are designed for placement in outdoor or indoor substations and come fully assembled, tested, and ready for interconnection. Available filter types include C-High-Pass (damped filters), High-Pass, Notch (Band-Pass), double-tuned, and multi-tuned filters.

inoLECT performs maintenance on these products, as well as many more types of electrical switchgear, transformers, and other electrical apparatus. Click here to read more about our Maintenance and Testing services.

Our Products:

  • Metal-Enclosed 600V to 38kV
  • Pole-Mounted 1000V to 38kV
  • Stacked-Rack 1000V to 230kV
  • Single or Multi-Stage

Metal-Enclosed Capacitor Banks:

Metal-Enclosed power capacitor banks are custom configured to meet a wide variety of requirements, including switching, disconnecting, grounding, protection, control, and capacitor bank connections. They can be furnished with an integrated protection system that is located in an isolated compartment that is integral with the capacitor bank enclosure, or be located remotely in an E-house or control room.

Pole-Mounted Capacitor Banks:

Pole-mounted capacitor bank solutions can be customized according to your specific needs. These components are highly-dependable, and easy to install. This bank package offers overall system improvements such as improved power factor, system capacity release, loss reduction, voltage stability, improved power flow and cost savings.

Stacked-Rack Capacitor Banks:

Stacked-Rack Capacitor Banks are most applicable where large blocks of three-phase kvar are required. Capacitors and auxiliary equipment are installed in welded aluminum racks. Racks are shipped ready for field installation including base and inter-rack insulators, substructures, interconnecting bus wire and other specified accessories for a complete three phase system.

Some Recent Projects