New Product Release: Westinghouse DB-50 & DB-25 Racking Systems

inoLECT is proud to release a brand new Remote Racking system for Westinghouse DB-50 and DB-25 circuit breakers. This all-in-one racking system is easily installed and operated just like the full inoRAC2 Remote Racking unit. The device constantly monitors torque and breakers position throughout the entire racking process, allowing a more precise operation that will protect against equipment damage. Operators perform functions from over 75 feet away, using a Portable Touch Panel which features a high-definition color touchscreen. Step-by-step instructions allow ease of use for personnel.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that more than 400 fatalities and nearly 10,000 serious injuries occur each year due to Arc Flash related incidents, with industry experts estimating even higher numbers. These frightening statistics equate to an Arc Flash related incident occurring up to 10 times a day and at least one worker losing their life, every day in the U.S. Don’t let your employee be the next victim. Click here for more information and to request a quote on this life-saving product.