Remote Racking distances Operators from Arc Flash Incident at an Industrial Facility near Baton Rouge, LA

An arc flash is a sudden release of energy caused by an electrical arc. These occurrences can happen anywhere energized electrical equipment is present, and are often unexpected, very costly, and capable of causing injury and death to any person present. 

One such incident happened last month at an industrial facility near Baton Rouge, LA. A fault occurred while ‘racking’ (moving from a de-energized to an energized position) a 6.9kV Westinghouse DHP circuit breaker in a substation. Thankfully, facility management was prepared. An inoRAC Remote Racking device was in place to perform the racking procedures so that employees were not standing inside the ‘arc flash boundary’ at the time of the event. The device was exposed to the blast instead of an actual person. “The racker did its job. No one was near the switchgear when the fault occurred, and everyone walked away. I am much happier that the remote racker took the hit rather than an Operator”, says the electrical engineer from the facility.

Investing in Remote Racking devices, such as the inoRAC, is a commitment to protecting your employees from such hazards. Advanced technologies such as torque monitoring and breaker profiling protect your valuable equipment as well. 

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