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Did you know that 5 - 10 Arc Flash incidents occur each day?*

In spite of regulations requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 5 to 10 Arc Flash
incidents occur every day in the US (CapSchell, Inc.). Those accidents result in injuries
ranging from minor burns to permanent hearing and vision loss, to death. At least one
death is attributed to Arc Flash EVERYDAY.* Don't let it be you or your employees.Remote Racking device for Arc Flash injury prevention       

Safety is the key. For that reason, inoLECT has designed a custom Remote Racking unit that can be programmed to safely rack all of your power breakers in and out. Remote Racking allows your operators to perform their duties at a safe distance. By allowing operators to remotely rack breakers over 75 feet away, the inoRAC™ can greatly reduce the risk of sustaining an arc flash injury. The inoRAC™ remote racking device can operate all major manufacturers low and medium voltage breakers, it's easy to move and can be custom programmed to mimic site breaker operating procedures.

To ensure safe operation, inoLECT will provide on-site professional training with your employees on your switchgear.



• Unit constantly controls & monitors torque & position to protect personnel & equipment from damage
• Remotely operated from outside of the arc flash boundary, over 75’ away


• Compatible with LV and MV circuit breakers from all major manufacturers
• Forklift/Dolly design is easy stored & maneuvered
• Accessories allow one unit to operate different breakers


• High-Def Color touch panel provides realtime feedback of breaker status
• Adjustable motor can be raised or lowered to align with any level of breaker
• Unit racks breakers quicker & safer than can be achieved by hand


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Patent No. US 8,604,369 B2

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