Remediation is pre-defined by the Incident Energy Analysis and is an investigation of all main-stream strategies for arc flash incident energy reduction. Our team will investigate all available options and come up with the best plan for moving forward, specific to your time frame, budget and circumstances.

After the initial Arc Flash or Incident Energy Analyses have been performed, our team develops mitigation strategies that include reduction of fault current and fault clearing time, increasing working distance and providing safe working environments for personnel.

Remediation Techniques:

  • Extended Racking Handles
  • Remote Racking
  • Remote Operation
  • Maintenance Switch
  • User Defined Curves
  • Trip Upstream Device
  • Transformer Differential Protection
  • Bus Differential protection
  • Zone Selective Interlocking
  • Arc Detection

The inoLECT Advantage means we can see you through the Analysis phase, help you choose your Remediation strategies and then conceptualize and implement the solutions that are optimal for your budget and timeframe.

Take the steps necessary to correct the inefficiencies and problematic ares in your electrical power system today and get on the path to a safer, more reliable facility.