Do you need to modernize, expand or upgrade? We’re here to help.

Where do you start? inoLECT offers Design services that incorporate all goals of the site, as well as any safety or reliability concerns that may exist, in an all inclusive package. We provide solid design options with clear-cut verbal descriptions, along with diagrams and drawings for all phases of the project. We’ll show you available design options and present valuable information for determining the best solution for your facility.

Electrical Infrastructure Design:
We design and develop multiple design solutions, including One-line diagrams, building plans, and engineering recommendations.

Electrical System SCADA:
Utizing SCADA software, Schweitzer RTAC abd relay-based systems, we develop complete drawing packages, programming and commissioning.

Meter & Relay Modernization:
We provide Turnkey projects, Engineering-only, Construction-only, Commission-only projects or any combination needed.

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