inoLECT manufacturers RC Snubbers customized to fit your specific needs. They are composed of a combination of a capacitor and a resistor to reduce the magnitude and frequency of a transformer transient terminal voltage. Fuses are often applied for short circuit protection and to disconnect the RC Snubber in the case that it fails.

Lightning arresters, if not included in the transformer terminal box, are provided to limit the magnitude or peak voltage associated with phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground transients. These are rated based on system grounding. Other supporting equipment, such as an air- disconnect switch, current loss detection, and blown fuse detection are also available with our systems.

There are numerous benefits of installing a snubber, like protection from inter-turn insulation failure, extension of transformer life, and reduction of the likelihood of circuit breaker pre-strike, re-strike, or re-ignition. It also dampens resonant transients and reduces the magnitude and rate of rise voltage transients.

Key applications requiring RC Snubber protection include medium voltage transformers switched with primary side vacuum or SF6 circuit breakers, transformers that are fed with short feeder cables or short bus duct runs or dry-type and cast-coil-type transformers and some liquid-filled transformers.

Installation, maintenance and repair are done by our team of engineers and technicians. Read more about the maintenance services we provide for snubbers by clicking here.

Our Products:

–Metal Enclosed Snubbers 1000V to 38kV

–Stack-Rack Snubbers 38kV to 138kV