Safe Racking. Safe Working. Safe Living.

In uncertain times, you can never be too informed about Safety. Join us for live, informative Webinar sessions and product demonstrations each week on topics that benefit you.

These short, 30-45 minute sessions are broadcast live and cover a wide variety of Arc Flash centered topics, including installation and operation of our inoRAC Universal Remote Racking Device, with a different LV or MV circuit breaker each week.

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4/13/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
Remote Racking: GE Magneblast

Watch the universal inoRAC3 connect to the GE Magneblast via a custom-designed cell adaptor and perform racking operations seamlessly and quickly.

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4/20/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
Breaker Shop Services

We will discuss inoLECT’s capability to service, repair and troubleshoot all major manufacturer’s models of circuit breakers in our shop, as well as maintenance plans, and some helpful tips.

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4/27/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
Arc Flash Incident Energy Analysis

A safer, more reliable facility is your goal and its our mission to help you get there. Learn about why inoLECT specializes in Incident Energy Analysis reports, why we are a step ahead of the competition, budgetary estimates, references, samples and more.

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5/4/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
Remote Racking: inoRAC3 Product Overview

Join us for an overview of the new inoRAC3 Remote Racking device, presented by inoLECT. We’ll cover the benefits of using remote racking, as well as why the inoRAC is the right choice.

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5/11/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
inSERVICE: Service Agreements

inoLECT’s inSERVICE Agreements cover a wide range of extended protection, discounts, and value-added service, such as Arc Flash Labels, training and much more. Join us to learn how you can benefit from being ‘inSERVICE’.

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5/18/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
Protection Retrofits

inoLECT specializes in best practices and high quality with in-depth knowledge related to Arc Flash Reduction and Advanced Tripping/Control Schemes. We develop custom relay configurations with full text descriptions aids in knowledge of relay operations, maintenance, and event analysis.

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Upgrade older units to have the same technology available with inoRAC3

5/25/2021 – 12:00 noon CST
Remote Racking Upgrades

See the model comparisons and features and benefits of Upgrading your older devices to the latest hardware, firmware and technology of the inoRAC3.

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