Power Quality Solutions

inoLECT offers a complete package in cost-effective Power Quality solutions to our customers that will lower their electric utility costs and improve their power systems overall efficiency.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Motor failure
  • Electrical or electronic equipment failure
  • Overheating of transformers, switchgear and cabling
  • Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses
  • Unstable equipment operation
  • High energy usage and costs

Power Quality is crucial to the effective operation of your equipment and Power Factor plays a major role. Power Factor Correction (PFC) aims to improve displacement power factor and hence power quality, utilizing either harmonic filter banks or power capacitor banks to offset usually inductive loads. PFC systems increase the efficiency of power supply, delivering immediate cost savings on utility bills.

Power Factor correction means bringing the displacement power factor of an AC circuit nearer to one (1) by using the equipment which supplies capacitive reactive power to the circuit. Usually, the displacement power factor correction can be done by installing either a fixed or switched power capacitor bank or a fixed or switched harmonic filter bank into the power distribution circuit, minimizing wasted energy and improving efficiency. The power factor correction will not change the amount of  active power consumed, but it will reduce the amount of apparent power consumed and the total current drawn by the load, thus reducing your utility bill. See the link below for a detailed guide on how PF is calculated.

Click here to download A Practical Guide to Power Factor Correction.
A look inside of a 3-Stage, 3-Step, 9 MVAR, 13.8 kV RMS, Metal-Enclosed Harmonic Filter Bank Tuned to the 4.1 Harmonic of 60 Hertz.  Note the 4-Pole Harmonic Filter Capacitor Grounding Switch

inoLECT offers the following Products, customized to solve your specific issues:

  • Conventionally Switched and Fixed Harmonic Filter Banks and Power Capacitor Banks
    • Metal-Enclosed (Low Voltage and Medium Voltage)
    • Pole-Mounted (Medium Voltage)
    • Stack-Rack (Medium Voltage and High Voltage)

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